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The Department of Psychiatry at Juntendo University

The Center for Mood Disorders Opened (September 1, 2020-)

We have established the "Center for Mood Disorders" to provide specialized medical care for patients with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder and depression.

  Professor Message  

Professor Tadashi Kato

Professor Tadafumi Kato

Our department has the following three missions.

  1. To provide the standardized psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

  2. To educate psychiatrists who can make lifelong contributions to society and doctors who understand and utilize psychiatry.

  3. To create the future of psychiatry.


The Department of Psychiatry at Juntendo University, Faculty of Medicine is one of the largest psychiatric departments in Japan, with six affiliated hospitals (Juntendo Hospital, Koshigaya Hospital, Tokyo Koto Geriatric Medical Center, Urayasu Hospital, Nerima Hospital, and Shizuoka Hospital), and approximately 50 staff members, including six professors.

Through clinical practice, education, and research, we aim to improve the quality of life of patients with mental disorders. We look forward to working with you.

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Training psychiatrists who can make lifelong contributions to society
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Creating the future of psychiatry
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順天堂大学精神医学講座 大学内

Research in psychiatry has two aspects: the practical aspect, which is to contribute through clinical evidence-based practice, and the advanced science aspect, which is to understand psychiatric disorders as brain pathologies based on neuroscience and genomics.

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